Primary CPD Offer

Stage: Early years, 1 and 2
NRICH: Partners with you in developing rich mathematical learning

The team at NRICH is delighted to work with you to help you develop rich mathematical learning opportunities for all primary students, whatever their age or stage. We do this in three main ways:
As a team we communicate what's on and our latest thinking through our Facebook page, through Twitter and through our half-termly newsletter. We also have a dedicated, additional newsletter for Primary MaST students and graduates and Mathematics Subject Leaders and one for Primary MaST tutors. 

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about our CPD opportunities do email Fran, our PD Primary Co-ordinator at
We look forward to hearing from you. 

Working with Leaders

As an NRICH team we work strategically with those who have influence over the mathematics provision in our classrooms from teachers to Head teachers and Mathematics leaders, MaST teachers, Teaching schools, Free schools, Academy sponsors and the Department of Education.

We facilitate meetings with Leaders of Education and Head teachers, both here at Cambridge and in locality settings, to explore the nature of mathematical provision in schools that will enable students to enjoy the subject and become confident and competent in it.

We support mathematics leaders through conferences and through a range of materials on our site, so that they are equipped to develop rich mathematical learning opportunities for all in their setting.

Working with Teachers

We work with teachers in a number of different ways. 

1. We speak at teacher conferences and school cluster events to enable teachers to explore rich tasks and look at how they can embed these in their classroom. We stimulate debate about the nature of mathematics, its beauty and creativity, its place in 21st century life and how this impacts on the provision made for mathematics in our classrooms.

2. We run teacher conferences at Cambridge to inspire and stimulate debate around rich tasks and deep mathematical learning. Each year, in the summer term, we run PD for NQTs to support them as they move into their second year of teaching (details and information on how to book is published on the events page). 

3. We run conferences for primary mathematics teachers and mathematics subject leaders.

4. We lead sustained projects for groups of schools, often based at a Teaching school or Local Authority. 

5. We undertake school and cluster visits

To find out more about any of these opportunities or to tailor some CPD to suit your needs contact Fran at

On-line CPD opportunities

We offer a range of CPD support through our site that enables you to work with colleagues in your school or setting to explore the value of rich tasks and how you can embed them in the classroom.
For example: 

Getting started with Low Threshold, High Ceiling Tasks at Stage 1 and 2. 
Find out what we mean by LTHC activities plus some examples for you and your colleagues to try in the classroom. You can then discuss together what you noticed about the children's learning when engaged in LTHC activities.
Working effectively with all learners at each Stage
This offers some questions and prompts to explore in classrooms to encourage discussion about what experiences you want to give learners to help them develop their full potential in mathematics.

Teacher notes 
We offer teacher notes with all our resources that support the embedding of the tasks in the classroom. Take a look at Magic Vs.