1st STEM TI Day 2011/12

Age 11 to 18

Where's the maths? Where's the science? Where's the design technology?Second stemNRICH TI day: 19 March 2012


We hope you enjoyed the first stemNRICH teacher inspiration day!

All the resources from the day are linked from this page. 

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Opening plenary

Where's the maths?
Where's the science?
Where's the design technology?

STEM task: Helicopters

Morning workshop reports

Testing helicopters
STEM case studies

Mark Dawes and Euan Willder
Comberton Village College

Tabitha Steel
Swavesey Village College

- Musical Bottle Ratio Project

- Ratio and Dilutions

- Ratio and Dilutions pupil sheet

stemNRICH Background to stemNRICH Background to stemNRICH.pptx
Afternoon workshop resources Maths and science:

Place your orders
Approximately certain
A question of scale
All in a jumble

Afternoon workshop resources Maths and the physical world:

Fill me up
Fill me up too
What's that graph
Whose line graph is it anyway?

  Maths and the living world:

Maths is everywhere
Natural Shapes
Big and Small Numbers in the Living World
Big and Small Numbers in Biology

  Maths and design technology:

Track Design
Overarch 1
Overarch 2

  Maths and food technology:

Chocolate Cake
Tray Bake
Tom learns to cook
Hmm ... when should Tom have put the rice on ...

Final plenary

Preparing for the second STEM teacher inspiration day

Why Educate? Closing talk

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Why Educate.pptx