Secondary Cipher Challenge Part 6

Age 11 to 16
Challenge Level

This one was fun! Here are some of the insights we got. Andie, from Nottingham Girls' High School, said:

For part 1, you have to work out what 'I' and 'A' are and then you can carry on.

Correct - why do you think that's easiest? The keyword here was "rainbow". Andie also gave us a hint for part 2:

For part 2, you swap A with Z, B with Y, and so on. So:


and the keyword is "teacake".

Aleena, Tiana, Katie and Lottie, from the same school, gave us their thoughts on part 3:

We have found out the code to part 3. To find the code, you have to figure out what the letters represent. The lettersare jumbled up rather than just shifting it or reversing it. This makes the code harder to crack. But there a loads of clues to help you crack it.

Great - and the keyword was "musical"! Pranjali, Lottie, Tiana and Katie noticed the trick for part 4:

To crack the code in part 4, you had to notice that it was all in a spiral! All the words were jumbled up, and you had to figure them out separately.

Correct, and the keyword here was "cheese". Thanks also to Rosie, Livvy, Georgina, Lucy, Alina, and others, who also submitted solutions. By the way, the keyword for part 5 was "special". Congratulations if you managed to break all of the codes!