The Hands-on Maths Roadshow

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The NRICH Hands-On Maths Roadshow


The Roadshow was incredible! All of the children loved their activities and the teachers and TAs were inspired. The whole school has been raving about it.

Lakenham Primary School (2017)

What is the Roadshow?

The NRICH Hands-On Maths Roadshow is a fantastic opportunity for your students to experience a collection of NRICH’s favourite mathematical games and problem-solving activities in your school.

Our Roadshow Coordinator, Andrew Sharpe, will deliver rich tasks to groups of up to 30 students at a time in multiple sessions during his visit.



What are the aims of the Roadshow?

There is an enormous amount of fun and mathematical learning that happens during a Roadshow visit and we aim to equip students with skills that will last long after their session. The delivery and activities are carefully designed to develop widely applicable problem solving skills which help support your curriculum:


Resilience Communication Strategic Thinking Curiosity Creativity

The visit will also be highly beneficial to teachers and teaching assistants. It is a great opportunity to see students doing maths in a very different environment to the regular classroom and the visit can also be used as a source of ideas and rich activities for inside the classroom.

You can find out more about the pedagogical thinking behind the Roadshow and see feedback on the impact the Roadshow has had in schools on the Why Book? page.



What does a Roadshow session look like?

Sessions are run in a large space such as a hall or gym and start with an introduction and warm-up activity. Students then spend most of the session in pairs (or groups of 3) moving between 20-30 rich activities at their own pace. Our coordinator will work with each pair, asking questions designed to encourage learning and engagement. At the end of the session there will be a short plenary to reflect on the learning that has taken place and the skills that have been developed.

The activities are hands-on, so pencil cases can be left at the door to be replaced by counters, dice, teacups & saucers, multi-link cubes, tangram pieces and even a 3 foot Soma cube jigsaw. The activities are taken from ideas on the NRICH website that we’ve translated into physical form. Examples of the activities can be found using the button below.

Roadshow Resources

Who is the Roadshow for?

We are very proud of the fact that the Roadshow can be tailored to have great impact on all students from key stage 1 to 5. Even the most unenthusiastic of students will enjoy and engage with the activities in a session.

Different activities are picked for each session based on the group involved to ensure that every student can access the maths and is challenged. Many of the activities have a low entry level and a high ceiling (to push your high attaining students) whilst others are challenging from the start (to help develop resilience).



How many sessions are there and how long are they?


Sessions can be organised to suit your timetable, we have found the most successful session lengths are:


  • 30-40 minutes for key stage 1
  • 45-60 minutes for key stage 2
  • 50-75 minutes for key stages 3-4