Preparing for a Roadshow

Preparing for a Roadshow

The Roadshow can have a long and lasting impact upon learning in the schools it visits and the resources below have been to designed to help maximise this impact.


Pre-Roadshow Activities

We have carefully selected the best NRICH activities to use with classes in advance of the Roadshow visit. There are three suitable activities for each age group, you may wish to just use one or to try to use all three. The advantages of using them in advance are:

  • It is an engaging way to tell the students about the Roadshow and build excitement for the day.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the sort of problem solving skills they will use during the Roadshow.
  • Students will be able to more quickly apply strategic thinking skills to the hand-on activities on the day of the Roadshow.


(or small group)
Strategic thinking game
(one v one)
Whole class activity

Key Stage 1

Inside Triangles

Activity Link

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Activity Link

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Sizing Them Up

Activity Link

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Key Stage 2


Nine-pin Triangles

Activity Link

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Got it!

Activity Link

Add to 200

Activity Link

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Printable Worksheet

Key Stage 3


Two and Two

Activity Link

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Printable Worksheet

Key Stage 4

Square It

Activity Link

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Activity Posters

The activity posters below are designed to inform students about the Roadshow whilst getting them to think about an interesting maths problem. We have also made this simple information poster which you may wish to use as well or instead. If you like the idea of activities on your wall then NRICH have a page full of great posters for your classroom at which you might want to look.

Simple Roadshow Poster (pdf)


Shape Statistics Algebra












Preparing the Timetable

You can prepare the timetable for the day of your Roadshow visit to best suit your school's day. The following information will be useful in designing your timetable.

Group Size: The maximum number of students in a group is 32. We have found that in larger groups the Roadshow has significantly less impact on the students.  

Timings: Below are the suggested lengths for each session. We can be flexible about these, but sessions should never be less than 30 minutes long.

  • 30-40 mins for years 1 and 2
  • 40-50 mins for years 3 and 4
  • 50-70 mins for years 5 and upwards

Breaks: If there are to be different year groups in successive sessions it is important that there is a short gap scheduled in order for the resources to be adjusted or changed for the next group.

Readers (for key stage 1 only): Pupils in year 2 and below require readers to be able to access the materials. One reader is needed for every 2/3 students and the readers could be older pupils or adults. Year 5 and 6 students are frequently used by schools. The older students gain an enormous amount from this role and it is important to stress that they will not be required to do any maths themselves.

Readers will need to be briefed 10 minutes before working with a group to ensure that they and the KS1 children get the most out of the session.  Readers can be used for sucessive sessions but we would suggest for no more than two classes, as teaching is exhausting!

Timetables: Below are links to a blank timetable which you may choose to use and also an example timetable. Please share your timetable with the Roadshow coordinator for discussion prior to the visit.




Preparing the Venue

Please ensure the following is set up prior to the arrival as shown in the diagram below.

  • Tables around the perimeter of the room.
  • Chairs at each table (these are optional for primary pupils).
  • Enough space/chairs for every student to sit facing the front.
  • 6 gym mats in the centre of the room behind the seating area for students.
Room Layout for the Roadshow (pdf)










Preparing the Staffing

The presence of a teacher is required for each session. In addition you may wish to arrange to have staff come to see the Roadshow for their own professional development.

Additional help is also very welcome as it will add to the learning of both the students and helpers. Enthusiastic older students can gain an enormous amount from helping their peers. In the past sixth formers have greatly enjoyed being involved. For primary schools, inviting parents offers them an opportunity to share in their child's experience of an exciting maths event and helps raise the profile of maths in the school.