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Magic Squares for Special Occasions

Stage: 3 and 4

This article explains how to make your own magic square to mark a special occasion with the special date of your choice on the top line.

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An Alphanumeric

Stage: 5

Freddie Manners, of Packwood Haugh School in Shropshire solved an alphanumeric without using the extra information supplied and this article explains his reasoning.

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Look Before You Leap

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Relate these algebraic expressions to geometrical diagrams.

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What's Possible?

Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Many numbers can be expressed as the difference of two perfect squares. What do you notice about the numbers you CANNOT make?

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What's it Worth?

Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

There are lots of different methods to find out what the shapes are worth - how many can you find?

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LOGO Challenge 7 - More Stars and Squares

Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Can you use LOGO to create a systematic reproduction of a basic design? An introduction to variables in a familiar setting.