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Please use the title of the book as your subject. If you could also indicate the age-group you think the book is suitable for, that would be helpful.

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'A Primer for Mathematics Competitions' by A.Zaiwarasamuel bird2014-07-23  11:33 pm
1089 and all that - age 10 - 14jaydubs2012-12-22  10:24 am
A concise history of mathematics - D. Struik age 16+...Zoe Wyatt2012-06-25  12:36 pm
A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics - M. Liebeck 15/16+...Jeremy Barker2010-09-05  02:08 pm
A mathematical mystery tour - A.K.DewdneyZoe Wyatt2012-06-25  01:19 pm
A Mathematician's Apology - G.H.Hardy age 15+...Cliff Lee Packman2008-07-10  10:32 pm
A prime puzzleTriwizard2013-08-31  10:57 am
Alice in Numberland -J. Baylis & R. Haggarty age 16+...Emily M2008-04-25  09:46 pm
Balkan Mathematical Olympiads the first 30 years (1984-2013) age: ...UNK7 2014-06-04  12:04 pm
Chaos - J. Gleick age 14/15+James B Quirk2005-10-10  09:30 pm
Dr Riemann's Zeros - K. Sabbagh age 17+...Demi Allen2009-10-03  09:51 am
Fermat's Last Theorem - S. Singh age 14+...jaydubs17 2012-12-22  10:11 am
Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of the Planets around the Sun - ...Anna2004-05-09  01:58 pm
Feynman's six easy and six not-so-easy pieces age 15/16+...Zoe Wyatt2012-06-25  11:59 am
Flatland - E.A. Abbott age 13+Kathleen2008-09-13  12:23 pm
Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So - I. Stewart age 13+...Zoe Wyatt2012-06-25  11:35 am
Galois Theory - E. Artin age 18/19+Vicky Neale2006-05-24  08:35 am
Galois Theory - I. Stewart age 19+Jonathan Elliott2007-12-06  10:15 am
Gifted - N. LalwaniAdam P. Goucher2014-05-21  02:43 am
Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid - D. Hofstadter age 16...Tadeusz Jordan2006-12-21  06:43 pm
How to Count: An Introduction to Combinatorics - R.Allenby & A.Slom...elvinc2011-06-09  09:45 pm
How to Prove It: A Structured Approach - D. Velleman age 17+ and ST...elvinc2009-11-27  08:32 pm
How to Solve it - G. Polya age 14/15+elvinc2008-10-01  09:34 pm
How to think like a Mathematician - K. Houston age 16/17+...elvinc2010-05-26  10:17 am
Ian Stewart general - age 14+Malcolm Evans2010-01-04  09:37 pm
In Code: A Mathematical Journey - S. Flannery age 13+...Mrs. Toni Beardon2002-11-25  10:33 pm
Laws of Thought - G. Boole age 17+TTFSETS2009-10-12  04:09 pm
Littlewood's Miscellany age 16+dancer72009-07-19  01:01 pm
Mathematical Groups - Barnard & Neil age 16+...Katie Heskins2004-09-29  09:53 pm
Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction - T. Gowers age 16+...Matt H2007-12-20  04:53 pm
Maths Medicine - Smudge age 15+Mrs. Toni Beardon2003-12-20  11:18 am
Men of Mathematics - E. Bell age 15+Kathleen2008-09-19  08:24 pm
Murderous Maths series age 10+MathsFan2010-08-01  03:13 pm
Music of the Primes - Du Sautoy age 15+...UTOPIA2009-11-13  05:48 pm
New Problems in Euclidean GeometryNomren2014-07-15  10:43 pm
Number Theory - G. Andrews age 16+Zoe Wyatt2012-06-25  10:25 am
Prime Obsession - J. Derbyshire age 17+...infinity02007-01-29  10:42 pm
Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits and Other Mathematical Exploration...Pumpkin Pi2006-11-22  09:03 pm
Superbrain - Early & MacHale age 18+...Emma McCaughan2010-04-04  09:12 am
The Code Book - S. Singh age 14+BenDixon2007-04-29  04:47 pm
The Geometry of the TriangleUNK7 2013-04-28  01:19 pm
The man who knew infinity - R. Kanigel age 17+...aurao20032011-01-18  02:40 pm
The Man who loved only Numbers - P. Hoffman age 15+...Matt H2007-12-20  04:59 pm
The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook - A. Gardiner age 16+...Triwizard2013-08-31  10:53 am
The Millennium Problems - K. Devlin age 17+...Jon Phillips2006-10-18  05:10 pm
The Number Devil - Enzensberger age 10-13Alistair Crook2003-03-01  08:31 am
The Oxford Murders - G. Martinez age 15+...samuel bird2014-07-15  12:43 pm
The Pleasures of Counting - T. Korner age 14+...Matt H2007-12-20  04:48 pm
The Poincaré Conjecture - D. O'Shea age 16+...David Cranch2007-11-04  10:15 am
The Road To Reality - R. Penrose age 16+...Anthony Ashton2006-12-07  07:40 pm
UKMT: Introduction to Number Theory age 16+...G Leversha2013-05-20  05:40 pm
What is Mathematics? - Courant & Robbins age 17+...David Cranch10 2007-11-10  01:34 am
Whitaker's Almanack Little Book of Infinity age 14+...Jeremy Barker2006-10-18  11:11 am
Yet Another Introduction to Analysis - V. Bryant age 16+...Marcos2003-11-09  07:35 pm
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