Memorable Mathematics Books


Do you remember your sixth-form mathematics books?

The Cambridge Mathematics Education Project has the aim of making advanced school mathematics a rich, coherent and stimulating experience for students.

As part of the preparation for the project we are going to look at sixth-form mathematics books from the last century or so. We would be very grateful for any help with this, and are interested in the thoughts of anyone who has studied A-level Mathematics or Further Mathematics (or equivalent). We hope to receive the thoughts of a wide variety of people including mathematicians, scientists, engineers, teachers and people who followed other career paths or university courses.

Do any books particularly stand out in your memory?

They might be textbooks specifically for the course, or they might be other mathematics books that you consulted at around that age. They might be books that you have come across since then, or that you have used when teaching sixth-formers. You might remember them as good books, or as bad books.

We would very much like to hear from you with any details that you can remember about any such books

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