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Imagine you are a fabric designer.  This is your brief:

flower design
Create a design for a patterned fabric based on a flower motif.  The motif should show rotational symmetry.  The motif should be repeated across the width and length of the fabric in an interesting way which also shows symmetry.

Start by roughing out a design.  You may wish to use a real flower for inspiration, or you could start from something more abstract provided it can be recognised as a flower.  

When you are happy with your design, use Logo to create a print of the fabric.  If you wish to submit your design, include a screenshot and the Logo program you used to create it, together with a summary of the symmetry shown by the motif and by the overall design.

Ideas to think about:
  • The number of petals of many flowers is given by the Fibonacci sequence.
  • What calculation do you need to do to work out the angle between petals if the flower is to show rotational symmetry?
If you would like help in getting going with Logo, these graded problems will help you.

Windows users can download a free copy of Logo from FMSlogo.

A good free version for Mac users is ACSlogo.

There's a version you can run directly in your browser at