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Toad in the Hole

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level
How much would it cost to make enough Toad in the Hole to feed a family of three?

You'll need to buy all the things on the shopping list - and you'll only need to buy one of each item, because each provides more than is needed in the recipe for Toad in the Hole for 3.

£2 + £1.45 + 48p + £1.46 + 48p = £5.87

As the supermarket Toad in the Hole will cost £3 (3 x £1), it is cheaper to buy the ready meals!

But you would have a lot of extra oil, flour, eggs and milk left still, so maybe if you are cooking for more people (or if you want to make several meals and freeze them, or you're quite happy to have some of the ingredients left for something else) it would be cheaper to cook from scratch.  

So let's see how much what we actually need for a Toad in the Hole for 3 people costs:

400g pack of sausages costs £2

If 1 litre of oil costs £1.45, then 10ml costs 1.45p and so 15ml costs 2.175p

If 500g flour costs 48p, then 100g costs 9.6p

If 6 eggs cost £1.46, then 1 egg costs 24.33p

If 1 litre milk costs 48p, then 250ml costs 12p

So the actual cost of the meal for three people is £2.46 (to the nearest penny) - rather less than £5.87, and also less than the £3 that three ready meals would cost.