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Printable NRICH Roadshow resource.

Notes for adults

You'll need two dice, and either the interactive version above, or a paper version (in colour or black and white), and a counter to be the spider.
Start by playing with one dice. Decide who is the sunshine and who is the rain. Take it in turns to throw the dice and move the spider that number of spaces up (sunshine) or down (rain). If the spider gets right to the top of the pipe, sunshine wins. If it gets to the bottom, rain wins.
Next, try a more interesting version of the game. This time, use two dice. In this game, the player must land exactly on the end of the drain pipe to win.  For each turn decide which dice number to use.
Encourage children to make up their own version of the game, and perhaps send in their ideas to us so that other children can try them out. What makes the game good to play?

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