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This is the start of the $100$ metres in $1896$. In that year Thomas Burke from the USA won the race in $12$ seconds.

I wonder how far you could run in $12$ seconds.

You and your friends could use a stop watch and then measure how far you ran.


This is the finish of the $200$ metres in $1924$. Jackson Scholz from USA won that race in just over $21$ seconds.

I wonder if you could run the $100$ metres in that time?

Or you could see how far you could run in $22$ seconds.


This is the high jump in $1906$. It shows Ray Ewry from the United States.

He jumped $1$ metre $56$ centimetres.


How high can you jump?


See how high $1$ metre $56$ centimetres is.


Can you find someone who can jump that high?

This is the triple jump, which is a hop, step and jump. In $1906$ it was Peter O'Connor from Ireland who won a silver medal. He jumped about $15$ metres. What's your best hop, step and jump?