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Kai from Carrillo School in America sent in the following:

You can count them by rows. To be specific, you can cluster then into rows and count them, in the first row there is 2. Then if you keep on counting, you will get 23. Also, you put them into groups of 3 or any other friendly number and the leftovers, you count them up and then you put it like this, 5 plus 5 plus 5 plus 5 plus the leftover 3 then you evaluate it to get 23.
thank you

Jack from Comberton Village College in England showed his solution:

There are 23 dots.

Thomas St Ethelberts RC Primary School in England wrote:

I counted the dots in columns moving across the page.

Zekie from Christ Church Primary CE in  England wrote:

I counted the dots row by row and at the end I counted 23 dots.

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It was good to hear about the different ways you found the number of dots.