Norway Project


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List of resources translated for 'taster' module
December 2017 (Stage 1):



Years 1 to 6


Noah  – Noa 
Halving -  Halvering
Andy’s Marbles  – Arnes klinkekuler
Coded Hundred Square – Kodet hundrekart 
Number Detective – Talldetektiven
Shape Times Shape – Figur ganger figur


Strike It Out! 

Not translated but suitable for high attainers:

Exploring Number Patterns  
More Children and Plants  
More Pebbles  
Extending Great Squares   
Auditorium Steps   
More and More Buckets   
Three Sets of Cubes, Two Surfaces   



Articles for Teachers

Opening Out    
Stacks of Maths   
Exploration Versus Calculation   
Back to the Practical   
Working with Higher Attaining Mathematicians   







Number & Algebra


Years 1 - 6  Short Number & Algebra Questions


Year 1 Largest even
  How do you see it
  Number Lines
  Writing Digits
  Butterfly Flowers
Year 2 Biscuit Decorations
  Two-digit Targets
  Count the Crayons
  Next Domino
  Half Time
Year 3 Maze 100
  How Would We Count?
  Coded Hundred Square
  Planning a School Trip
  Super Shapes
Year 4 Marvellous Matrix
  Money Bags
  Sealed Solution
  Ordering Journeys
  Shape Times Shape
Year 5 Various Venns
  Twenty Divided Into Six
  Flashing Lights
  Which is Quicker?
Year 6 Number Lines in Disguise
  The Moons of Vuvv
  Factor-multiple Chains
  Counting Cogs


Years 1 - 6 Long Number & Algebra Questions





Year 1 Same length trains
  Making Sticks
Year 2 Domino Sorting
  The Add and Take-away Path
Year 3 Planning a School Trip
  Build it Up
Year 4 Venn Diagrams
  Sweets in a Box
Year 5 Six Numbered Cubes
  Two Primes Make a Square
Year 6 Roll Over the Dice


Year 1- 6 Number & Algebra Games






Year 1 All Change
Year 2 Dotty Six
Year 3 Play to 37
Year 4 Light the Lights Again
Year 5 Factors and Multiples Game
Year 6 Four Go




Years 7 - 13  Short Number & Algebra Questions



Year 7 Quiz Questions
  Flora the Florist
  Square Grid
  Tiled Floor
  Trolley Park
  Luis' Eight
  Fibbonacci Deduction
  What’s on the Back?
Year 8 Sum Up
  One Short
  Sticky Fingers
  Standing on the Table
  Printing Error
  Expanding Pattern
  Find from Factors
Year 9 Double with 1 to 9
  Alberta's Age
  Digit Sum Puzzle
  Packing Boxes
  Bike Shop
  Pattern Snake
  What a Coincidence!
  Doubly Consecutive Sums
  Last Digit
Year 10 How Many Digits?
  Equal Length Powers
  In the Hundreds
  Named Products
  Algebraic Differences
  Big Fibonacci
Year 11 Collatz 13
  Adjacent Additions
  Sum = Product = Quotient
  Powerful Order
  Symmetric Reasoning
  Alternating Sum
  Factorised Factorial
  Square Product
Year 12 System Speak
  AP Train
  Prime APs
  Common Divisor
Year 13 Integral Equation
  Cubic Roots
  Solve Me!
  Clickety Click
  Unit Interval



Years 7 - 13 Longer Number & Algebra activities



Year 7 Add to 200
  Almost One
  Summing Consecutive Numbers
  Magic Letters - Magiske bokstaver
Year 8 Odds, Evens and More Evens
  Gabriel's Problem
  Shifting Times Tables
Year 9 What Numbers Can We Make?
  Counting Factors
  What's it worth?
  Combining Lengths - Måle ved hjelp av staver
Year 10 Which is bigger?
  Pair Products
  Factorising with Multilink
Year 11 What's Possible?
  The Simple Life
  Steel Cables
  Picture Story – Filmhistorie inkl. video
Year 12 Mega Quadratic Equations
  Summing Geometric Progressions
  Speedy Summations
Year 13 Adventures with Complex Numbers
  The Root of the Problem
  Marbles in a Box



Years 7 - 13 Number & Algebra Games & Puzzles



Year 7 Have You Got It?
  Factors and Multiples Puzzle
  Ace, Two, Three...
  Factors and Multiples Game
Year 8 Sticky Numbers
  Up, Down, Flying Around
  Mixing Lemonade
Year 9 Dozens
  Product Sudoku
Year 10 Charlie's Delightful Machine
  A Little Light Thinking
  Take Three from Five
Year 11 Magic Potting Sheds
  Number Sandwiches
Year 12 Amazing Card Trick
  Multiplication Arithmagons
Year 13 Last Biscuit
  Irrational Arithmagons



Years 7 - 13 Number & Algebra Articles 


Year 7 I've Submitted a Solution - What Next?
  Got It Article
Year 8 Divisibility Tests
  Magic Squares for Special Occasions
Year 9 Women in Maths
  Sums of Powers - A Festive Story
Year 10 What Does It Feel Like to do Maths?
  Proofs with Pictures
  Keeping it Safe and Quiet
Year 11 An Introduction to Modular Arithmetic
  All about Infinity
  An Introduction to Irrational Numbers
Year 12 Recommended Books
  An Introduction to Proof by Contradiction
  How to Solve Equations
Year 13 Plus
  On the Importance of Pedantry
  An Introduction to Number Theory
  Euclid's Algorithm







Early Years
NRICH Geometry resources are all collected here.




Years 1 - 6  Short Geometry Questions





Year 1 What's Happening?
  Data Shapes
  Paper Partners
  Building with Solid Shapes
  Coloured Squares
Year 2 Triangle or No Triangle?
  Torn Shapes
  Colouring Triangles
  Cubes Cut into Four Pieces
  Skeleton Shapes
Year 3 Square Corners
  Building Blocks
  Square Surprise
  Circles, Circles
  Turning Man
Year 4 Quad Match
  Four Triangles Puzzle
  Shapes on the Playground
  A Cartesian Puzzle
  Eight Hidden Squares
Year 5 Transformations on a Pegboard
  More Transformations on a Pegboard
  Making Rectangles
  Egyptian Rope
  Six Places to Visit
Year 6 Shape Draw
  Sponge Sections
  Cut Nets
  Ten Hidden Squares


Years 1 - 6 Long Geometry Questions





Year 1 Let's Investigate Triangles
  Paper Patchwork 1
  Chairs and Tables
Year 2 Always, Sometimes or Never? KS1
  Poly Plug Rectangles
  Inside Triangles
Year 3 Cubes
  Jig Shapes
  Paper Patchwork 2
Year 4 Nine-pin Triangles
  Stringy Quads
  School Fair Necklaces
Year 5 Making Cuboids
  Name That Triangle!
  Reflector ! Rotcelfer
Year 6 Always, Sometimes or Never? Shape
  Triangles All Around


Year 1- 6 Geometry Games






Year 1 Board Block
Year 2 Board Block Challenge
Year 3 Seeing Squares
Year 4  Arranging Cubes
Year 5 Stick Images
Year 6 Estimating Angles




Years 7 - 13  Short Geometry Questions



Year 7 Tent Poles
  Stellar Angles
  Square Within a Square Within...
  Central Distance
  Angle of Overlap
  Four in a Row
Year 8 Four Cubes
  3x3 Areas
  Outside the Boxes
  Shaded End
  Cuboid Faces
Year 9 Outside the Nonagon
  Dodecagon Angles
  Snail's Pace
  Cubic Covering
Year 10 Radioactive Triangle
  Triangular Wheel
  Truncated Tetrahedron
Year 11 Four Square
  Rectangle Rearrangement
  From Point to Point
  Square Overlap
  Unusual Polygon
Year 12 Integers on a Sphere
  Salt's Mill
  Oh So Circular
  When the Boat Comes In
  Triple Pythagoras
Year 13 Symmetric Angles
  Trig Identity
  Overlapping Ribbons
  Ice Cream Tangent
  Four Circles



Years 7 - 13 Longer Geometry activities



Year 7 Completing Quadrilaterals
  Angles Inside
  Perimeter Possibilities
  Isometric Areas
Year 8 Tilted Squares
  Semi-regular Tessellations
  Right Angles
  More Isometric Areas
Year 9 Subtended Angles
  Warmsnug Double Glazing
  Square Coordinates
Year 10 Cyclic Quadrilaterals
  Attractive Tablecloths
  Track Design
  Of All the Areas
Year 11 Kite in a Square
  Curvy Areas
  Quad in Quad
Year 12 Geometric Trig
  Calculating with Cosines
  Vector Walk
Year 13 Partly Circles
  Areas and Ratios
  Curved Square



Years 7 - 13 Geometry Games & Puzzles



Year 7 Estimating Angles
  Constructing Triangles
  Guess my Quad
Year 8 Shady Symmetry
  Reflecting Squarely
  Polygon Rings
Year 9 Square It
  Isosceles Triangles
Year 10 Robotic Rotations
  Blue and White
Year 11 Marbles in a Box
  Partly Painted Cube
Year 12 Compare Areas
  Nine Colours
Year 13 Crescents and Triangles



Years 7 - 13 Geometry Articles 


Year 7 Circles, Circles Everywhere
  Going Places With Mathematicians
Year 8 Dancing with Maths
  From One Shape to Another
Year 9 Volume of a Pyramid and a Cone
  Using GeoGebra
Year 10 Mouhefanggai
  How the Velodrome Found Its Form
Year 11 An Introduction to Vectors
  Euler's Formula
Year 12 Recommended Books
  Polar Coordinates
  Multiplication of Vectors
Year 13 Conic Sections
  Curvature of Surfaces








Handling Data - Statistics and Probability


Years 1 - 6  Short Handling Data Questions


Year 1 Ladybird Count
Year 2 How Big are Classes 5, 6 and 7?
Year 3 Class 5's Names
Year 4 The Hair Colour Game
Year 5 Going for Gold
Year 6 Match the Matches


Years 1 - 6 Long Handling Data Questions


Year 1 Sticky Data
Year 2 In the Playground 
Year 3 If the World Were a Village 
Year 4 The Car that Passes
Year 5 It's a Tie 
Year 6 Real Statistics

Years 7 - 13  Short Handling Data Questions


Year 7 Choose the Mean
  Kate's Date
  Shifting Average
  Mean Square
  Satnav Dilemma
  Would You Like a Jelly Baby?
Year 8 Fruit Line-up (already translated)
  French Test
  Monkey Puzzle
  School Dinners
Year 9 Who’s Who? – Hvem er hvem?
  Unequal Exam (already translated)
  Partial Means
  Mean Balance
  Average Discovery
  Nine or Ten?
  Fair's Fair
Year 10 The Average Age
  The Mean Problem
  Any Means Possible
  Swapping Sweets
  Flipping Coins
  Tying the Rope
  Boy or Girl?
Year 11 Spot the Fake (already translated)
  Algebraic Average
  Mean Median
  Equal Means
  Odd Dice
  One or Both
  Takeaway Time
Year 12 Possible Range
  Jewellery Boxes
  Very Average
  Changing Averages
  Counting Kangaroos
  Two Girls
  Winning Marble
  Descending Deal
  CD Collection
Year 13 Venn Diagram Fun
  Combinations of Two
  Numbered Graph
  Normal Intersection



Years 7 - 13 Longer Handling Data activities


Year 7 M, M and M
  Half a Minute
  Statistical Shorts
  Odds and Evens
Year 8 Unequal Averages
  Searching for Mean(ing)
  Non-transitive Dice
  Flippin' Discs
Year 9 Wipeout
  Who's the Best?
  Cosy Corner
  Two's Company
Year 10 Counting Fish
  Chances Are
  Do Rare Events Happen?
  Spots and Measles
Year 11 For Richer for Poorer
  Odds and Evens Made Fair
  In a Box
Year 12 Which Spinners?
  Top Marks
  How Many Balls?
Year 13 Binomial or Not?


Years 7 - 13 Handling Data Games, Puzzles & Activities


Year 7 Reaction Timer
  Substitution Cipher
Year 8 Estimating Time
  Sociable Cards
Year 9 Olympic Records
Year 10 Box Plot Match
Year 11 Which List Is Which?
Year 12 Data Matching


Years 7 - 13 Handling Data Articles 


Year 7 The Random World
Year 8 How Risky is My Diet?
Year 9 Thousands of People
Year 10 One Variable, Two Variable, Three Variable, More
Year 11 Statins and Risk
Year 12 Understanding Hypotheses
Year 13 What is a Hypothesis Test?



Articles for Secondary teachers can be found in What we think and why we think it
and in Enriching the Secondary Curriculum.