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We had some blogging - the most from one school yet, coming from Brynmill

School in Swansea, Wales. These and others can be viewed here at our Infinities 

Randley School in England sent in a number of observations from their children, Olivia (maybe there were two Olivias?), Anna, Jamie and Harvi. Jamie's was as follows:


What I found out is that the Israeli flag had $6$ triangles, $1$ pentagon, but the star was actually $2$ triangles on the top of it. It has $8$ right angles and is mostly white. A bit of it is blue, the blue bit is $2$ rectangles(very long ones) the only colours in the israeli flag are blue and white.


Tom and Luke from Redgate School in England noticed things about the Jamaican flag as follows;


$4$ Triangles, $2$ acute, $2$ obtuse.
$2$ lines of symmetry.
No parrallel lines and no perpendicular ones either.

Yes, it is sometimes worthwhile mentioning what isn't there as well!


That's the flag that Year $5$ from St. John's found, it's the flag from Georgia, they examined it and emailed in saying;


I can see $5$ crosses and $5$ rectangles.I can see $2$ lines of symmetry. I can see $16$ right angles. I can see $4$ pairs of parallel lines. There are perpendicular lines. There are are $5$ dodecagons and $5$ rectangles.


So, well done all of you and when the Olympic Games start you may see more flags and notice more new things - let us know.