Supporting Highly Able Mathematicians - Resources for Teachers

Age 5 to 18
Article by Legacy Import

Published 2018

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Books and articles on high ability in maths


Eyre D. and McClure L.(ed)(2001) Curriculum Provision for the Gifted and Talented in the Primary School  London Fulton

Koshy V. (2001) Teaching Mathematics to Able Children London Fulton


McClure L. and Piggott J. (2007) Meeting the Needs of your Most Able Pupils London Fulton


Kennard R. (2001) Teaching Mathematically Able Children London Fulton



Gifted and Talented Learners - collection of tasks suitable for enrichment at KS3-5

Extension, enrichment and/or acceleration? - activities for teacher discussion


Gardiner T (2007) Extension Mathematics (Alpha, Beta Gamma and Teacher Book) Oxford OUP

Price. A.(2006) Creative Maths Activities for Able Students (11-14) London Chapman

Sellars E. and Lowndes S. (2003) Using and Applying mathematics - teaching problem solving and thinking skills, KS1 and 2 London Fulton

World Class Arena (2005) Mathsinsight 1&2, 8-11 and 12-14 London NferNelson   

Early D. & MacHale D. (2011) The First Twenty-Five Years of the Superbrain UKMT problems available from UKMT



NACE National Association for Able Children in Education

LGT London Gifted and Talented

UKMT United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

G and T archives are now available online

FMS Further Maths Support


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