Supporting Exceptionally Mathematically Able Children - Resources for Parents and Carers

Stage: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Article by NRICH team

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Books for pupils

Books for primary children

Books for KS3-5 and beyond


Reading for parents

Leyden S (1998) Supporting the Child of Exceptional Ability London Fulton

Winstanley C (2004) Too clever by half - a fair deal for gifted children Stoke Trentham

Koshy V.(2001) Teaching mathematics to Able Children London Fulton

Academic research 



NAGC National Association for Gifted Children

NACE  National Association for Able Children in Education, specialises in supporting Teachers in providing teaching and learning for able, gifted and talented pupils.

UKMT United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

Royal Institution Masterclass Network


FMS Further Maths Support

IMO International Maths Olympiad


Trips and visits

Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers

National Space Centre good for maths and science