Low Threshold High Ceiling in Brighton and Hove Tasks

Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

We enjoyed working with you during the year.

As promised, here are the links to the resources we used.

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Launch Day: Thursday 21 October 2010

Opening session

Ring a Ring of Numbers

More Numbers in the Ring

Number Differences


KS1 session with Liz

The Amazing Splitting Plant

Sort the Street



KS2 session with Lynne


Factors and Multiples Puzzle

Guess the Dominoes


Third session - games are more than fillers

Dotty Six

Strike It Out

Got It!


Final Day: Wednesday 29 June 2011

Opening session

Two-digit Targets

The Add and Take-away Path

Beads and Bags

Area and Perimeter

Ice Cream


Third session

Polyplug activities (under development!):  Rectangle challenge and 13-plug challenge

EYFS resources


Sports-themed months to link with Olympics 2012:   June 2011 and January 2012 to come