Certainly Approximate

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:


Try to rank some of these curious quantities in order of magnitude.
Note that many are not clearly specified: Clarify as necessary to allow analysis.

For some you might be able to estimate with your current knowledge and others will need more data. Perhaps you might need to use some equations to work out the values from other things that you know.

What information or experiments would be necessary for you to be sure of your answers?

Which rankings are you CERTAIN of? Which are you VERY CONFIDENT about?
Perhaps you might like to make 4 ranked quantities of your own to challenge another solver.
For more advanced science, see Approximately Certain.
For light to reach us from the nearest star other than the sun
That a pet gerbil lives
Between two world cups
For all of the red blood cells in your body to be replaced....10 times
You can hop in 10 seconds
A car can drive on 1$cm^{3}$ of fuel
From the top of a 6 storey building to the ground
The distance from the edge of the penalty zone to the goal on a football field
Of the fastest tennis serve you could do
Of you sprinting as fast as you can
Your fastest cycling speed
Of your school bus
Of all the Siberian tigers left in the wild
Of the largest blue whale presently living
Of Hydrogen fused by the sun in a half of a millionth of a second
Of iron ore mined in the world per hour

Number of
Peas that have the same total mass as a pencil
Times your heart beats in 10 seconds
Glasses of milk a dairy cow produces in a day
Grapes you can fit in your mouth
Volume of
A space hopper
The biggest of a cow's stomachs
Dust you can store in five vacuum cleaners
The pencil cases of everyone in your year group put together
Length of
Mars bars placed end-to-end with the same total weight as your whole class
The route you take to school
Hair on the head of an average boy
Corridors and staircases in your school.

Of all of the sheets of paper in all of your exercise books
Of the floor of the biggest classroom in your school
That seven gallons of water can cover
The surface of a bouncy castle