Steve's Presentations and Handouts

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Disclaimer: These talks don't necessarily constitute the views of NRICH as a whole, and they might not even constitute Steve's views!

ATM/MA 2011 conference talks Using NRICH to support Exceptionally Able Students and Their Teachers at KS4 and 5  
TI day 3 2011 plenary Back to their futures
STEM TI day closing plenary Why Educate.pptx
STEM TI day talk Background to stemNRICH.pptx
Conceptualising Mathematical Creativity PresentationSteve.ppt
Dyspraxia and mathematics Dyspraxia and Mathematics.pptx
Moving on - STEM TI day 2 plenary talk Moving on-sfh10.pptx
MMP resources for prospective undergrads MMP Resources for UGs.pptx

 MonkField Park.pptx