The Templeton Projects

Article by Lynne McClure

The Templeton Projects

We are delighted that the Templeton Foundation has awarded the NRICH project two generous grants to fund our work. The Foundation has made a strong commitment to identifying and nurturing young people who demonstrate exceptional talent in mathematics and science, and the two grants to NRICH sit within this field.

Templeton Research

There are three complementary strands:

Strand 1

Led by Dr Wai Yi Feng from the Faculty of Education here in Cambridge, this involves an accelerated longitudinal study of exceptionally gifted students. In practice this means working with three groups of students, (10-17 years old) and tracking their engagement with our online enrichment resources over time. The call for participants is now closed; thank you to those of you who offered to be part of this project.

Strand 2

Led by NRICH team member Dr Steve Hewson, this involves a 'tracking back' study analysing the mathematical learning experiences of an identified group of highly gifted students. Through a pilot questionnaire we have gathered responses from university mathematics, science and engineering students and the analysis of their responses is continuing. We hope to learn more about the pivotal experiences in these able mathematicians' educational careers.

Strand 3

Strand 3 is led by Libby Jared, also of the Faculty of Education, and focuses upon an analysis of usage of the AskNRICH discussion boards. 

As our research progresses we will be publishing our results and associated articles here.  


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