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This problem is designed for you to work on in a group of about four.

You will need a set of these cards for your group. Each card has a statement on it. These are the six statements:

$6$ is the hardest number to throw on a dice.
A game is fair if you play it properly.
I will see someone I know on the way home from school.
It always rains in the summer holidays.
If you buy lots of raffle tickets, you're sure to win a prize.
It's easier to get heads than tails when you flip a coin.

The idea is for you to decide, as a group, whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Talk together about what you think and once you have made a decision, make a note of the reasons for your choice.

If possible, discuss your group's reasons with the rest of the class.

We would love to hear about your decisions, with your reasons of course!