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Consider the Venn diagram for 3 sets $A$, $B$ and $C$ with each of the $7$ regions labelled as follows
The set-theoretic representation of these regions is
1. $C^c\cap B^c$
2. $A\cap B \cap C^c$
3. $A^c \cap C^c$
4. $A\cap C \cap B^c$
5. $A\cap B\cap C$
6. $B\cap C \cap A^c$
7. $A^c \cap B^c$
A four-region diagram can be constructed by overlapping four rectangles (blue, pink, yellow, red) as follows:
Note that there are $15$ distinct regions of the diagram, corresponding to $2^4-1$. If your diagram does not have exactly $15$ distinct regions then it is incorrect!