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Natalie and Holly from Queen's Manor Primary School sent this letter they had written:

Queens's Manor Primary School
Lysia Street


Dear Parents/Carers

On the 17th of June, Year 3 are going to the Golden Valley Wildlife Park. We will be leaving school at 10 past 9 and will arrive back at school at 3:45. It will cost £2.70 per child and 2 teachers and 3 adults will be joining them. The children will be able to bring a maximum of £1.00 spending money.

The children are to be provided with a packed lunch or the school will be happy to give your child a free packed lunch if they have a school dinner. Your child is not allowed to bring glass bottles.

Hope your child enjoys the school trip.

From Miss Natalie and Miss Holly

This letter is very clear - well done both of you for extracting the relevant information from all those cards. I'm not sure that the packed lunch will be free if the child has a school dinner, but I understand what you mean - children who have school dinner won't have to pay extra for a packed lunch. That's the way I understood it, anyway. Perhaps you don't agree?

Andrew and Laith from JESS Jumeirah Primary School in Dubai also worked on this activity. They sent in copies of their workings:


Here is the letter they wrote:

JESS Jumeirah Primary School
27th May 2010

Dear parents,

Your child will be going on a school trip on the 17th of June to the Wild Life Park, so that they can find out more about animals. They will leave school at 9:10 am and return after the end of school at 3:45 pm. The cost for each child will be £2.70. In addition they can take a maximum of £1.00 to spend at the Wild Life Park.

The children who have school dinners can have a packed lunch prepared in the school kitchen, all the other children need to bring a packed lunch prepared at home. This must not include glass bottles. In case it rains children must bring a rain coat but if it is sunny they will have to bring a hat as well as putting on sun lotion at home.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Liew
Mr. Laith Al Nabhani

Very well done, all of you.