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Take a long (at least 200cm) piece of narrow paper:
1 sheet

Fold it in half by taking the right end over to the left (the pictures show it slightly opened just to make it clearer):
1st fold

Fold it in half again, right over left:
2nd fold

and again:
3rd fold
(It may be that you always prefer to fold left over to the right - that's ok, as long as you are always doing the same!)


1. Keep on folding into halves as many times as you can.
2. Press VERY hard onto the fold to make good creases.
3. Open out the paper so that it stands up on edge like in the pictures and make each fold a right angle (re-creasing may be necessary, but do not reverse the fold).
4. Stand a long way above and look down at what you can see!
5. Discuss with others what you notice.