Enriching Classrooms, Inspiring Learning

Age 11 to 16
Article by Teachers at an NRICH workshop

Published February 2011.

The NRICH Team have organised a series of three Teacher Inspiration Days in Cambridge this year. The aim has been to support mathematics teachers who are committed to nurturing confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners.

We would like to share with you the outcomes of one of the workshops of the second meeting.

Delegates were asked to consider how they might use the interactivity below in different situations in a way that:

  • Engaged students
  • Encouraged independence
  • Kept the complexity while making sure that the mathematics was accessible
  • Promoted group work and purposeful talk
  • Encouraged students to make connections

The interactivity belongs to the problem Semi-regular Tessellations.

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The posters they produced for each situation can be seen by clicking on the images below.

To introduce a topic:

In a consolidation exercise:

In a lesson to be evaluated by an OfStEd inspector:

In a lesson in a computer room (as part of a series of lessons):

In a lesson with no computer or projector:

In a lesson that emphasises cross-curriculum connections:

In a homework assignment: