Creativity and Confidence Project, Haringey

In early 2007, Haringey Local Authority and NRICH embarked on a joint project to support the national priority of improving using and applying mathematics, reasoning and creativity at primary level. The main aims were to:

  • work with teachers to select resources which support the five strands of using and applying mathematics within the renewed Primary Framework and embed them in their schemes of work;
  • support teachers as they trialed these resources in their own classrooms;
  • facilitate shared classroom experiences, thus refining ideas and improving practice;
  • strengthen the pedagogy underpinning the new Framework so that teachers placed more value on pupils working creatively to solve problems in mathematics;
  • establish pedagogic understanding of the importance of using and applying mathematics.

Two teachers (most in Year 4) from each of eleven primary schools within the borough met for the first time in June 2007 to launch the project. During the academic year 2007/8, we met together for one day each half term, working on mathematics as a group, sharing classroom experiences and planning mathematical activities for the coming weeks using NRICH.

During the year, several themes emerged as being important, both in terms of classroom practice and professional development including:

classroom culture
use of mathematical games
teachers' own mathematics
collaborative nature of CPD

One of the participating teachers commented: "Attending the NRICH sessions has raised my confidence in respect of how I approach my teaching. Having the time to find and try the wide variety of resources and then thinking about how they will enhance children's problem solving abilities has been enormously beneficial not only to myself but to the children too. My renewed confidence and enthusiasm appears to have 'brushed off' on the children. Hooray!" You can read a full article about the 2007/8 project here.

In the academic year 2008/9, Haringey and NRICH are continuing to work together. Two Year 5 teachers from each of twelve different schools in the borough met for the first time on October 22 2008 to further develop the work begun in last year's project. Since then, we have come together on November 24, January 28, March 12 and April 30 and June 25.

And it doesn't stop there! In 2009/10, Haringey and NRICH worked with two teachers from another twelve primary schools in the borough. Workshops were held on November 16, January 28, March 8, May 5 and June 24.

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