A Resource to Support Work on Coordinates

Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

This resource contains a series of games and probelms to support work on coordinates in two and three dimensions. Each resource uses coordinates to investigate an aspect of mathematics beyond the coordinates themselves. For example the problem "Lost" invites investigation of loci and "Isosceles Triangles" requires learners to think about symmetry, area and being systemmatic.

Diamond mine

This game offers an engaging context in which to practise coordinates and beginning to think about gradients and lines.


In this problem you are challenged to find the giraffe by trial and improvement. What is the least number of coordinate pairs you have to use in order to be able to guarantee finding the giraffe?

Lost on Alpha Prime

This is a 3D version of Lost. Find the metagiff as quickly as possible.

Isosceles Triangles

This environment asks you to investigate isosceles triangles with the same area and a common vertex on a coordinate grid.

Square coordinates

Investigate what can define a square on a cartesian grid. Given coordinates of some of the vertices of a square can you give the coordinates of all the vertices?