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John from St. Edburg's wrote;

I made the numbers into a triangle, starting in the top corner. When I got to the bottom I started again at the top. I noticed that the middle row and the middle column both added up to $75$.
I wondered what would happen if I went down, then up, then down again in a zigzag instead of just filling in the numbers downwards. I had no idea that the middle row and the middle column were going to add up to $75$ again!
I tried putting the numbers in a different order again, starting in the bottom left hand corner. In the bottom left picture I did the same zigzag as in the top right, and in the bottom right picture the numbers are filled in diagonally from top to bottom. I wondered if the middle row and middle column would add up to $75$ again, but they didn't. They all added up to $70$!
When I put the numbers into this grid, I spotted that on diagonal rows the units repeat. This is because each number down the diagonals is $5$ higher than the one before it ($1, 6, 11, 16$ and $13, 18, 23, 28$).

Well done this was really a good investigation for you - keep going !