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We're going to look at opening safes!
Many have dials on them, and you turn the dials - as you see in these two pictures - to open them.

safe2 safe1
So I'll show you a simple dial first with just the numbers $0 - 5$ on it.

To open the safe, the dial has to have $2$ next to the arrow, like this;

The question for you is, how much turning of the dial did we have to do to get the $2$ at the top?
The next safe we get to has a different dial, it has the numbers $0 -7$.
How much turning to get the number $5$ at the top? [Shown in the second picture.]
The number that you have to get at the top is often called the "combination" of the safe. These three different safes all start with $0$ [zero] at the top. You have to find the amount of turning to get to the combination, shown in each second picture:


Now have a go at these different safes. Remember they would all start with $0$ [zero] at the top, so, how much turning to get the required combinations shown below?