Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

This animation allows you to explore transforms of a complex variable such as $w = f(z)$. For example, the transform that displays whenever you refresh this page is $w = z^2$.

You can enter your own transforms by pressing 'edit' and editing the line that says $w = z^2$. You can also change colours and controls here. Try 'z useMouse', for example, if you would like to move z around with the mouse. Press 'Run' to exit the editor.

Normally, it's easier to drive the red $z$ point around with the keyboard ('z useKeys'). $w$ will then draw its moves in greeny blue. Both $z$ and $w$ lie at the base of their flag pointer. The flag tells you where they will jump to next when you press space.


Space: Jumps forward by the length of the flag pointer
Up Arrow: Increases the length of the pointer
Down Arrow: Decreases the length of the pointer
Left Arrow: Rotates the pointer left
Right Arrow: Rotates the pointer right

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