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Thank you to all those who sent a solution to this challenge. The "Brainiacs" from Southville Primary wrote:

We found that the most simple shape was I and L was also very easy. Z, X and any curved letters were impossible.

Many pupils from Leola Elementary School sent in pictures of the tessellations they managed to produce. Mitchell and Linda both tessellated the letter I, although in different orientations:

letter I

letter I again

Or perhaps Linda's is a squashed letter H? Jelena also chose an I (or an H - it's difficult to tell), but it is a slghtly different shape:

another I

Taylor, Samantha and Jack all chose the letter L. Here are their tessellations:


samantha's L

Jack's L

I wonder whether you can identify the similarities and differences in these tessellations?

If you find any more of your own, please send them in.