Talking about Maths - 2

Stage: 2, 3, 4 and 5
Article by Graeme Brown

Getting Audacity

You can use the free download - Audacity to capture and edit audio.

To get the Audacity application enter "Audacity Download" into Google.

Here's the first link I had in my Google list :

I had to choose "Windows" next because my laptop has Windows as its operating system.

Below is a screen shot of the Audacity page I got after I'd clicked "Windows"

There's two separate things that need doing from here :

First you'll need to click Audacity Installer and follow instructions - that gets you Audacity.

Next you'll also need to get the extra application called LAME.

Audacity will only allow you to Export as MP3 if your computer has that extra thing called LAME available somewhere.

The first time you try to export audio in MP3 format Audacity will ask you to locate the LAME folder on your computer and in particular to locate the file called lame_enc.dll

After the first time Audacity wont need to ask - it will just find it automatically.

You can read more about this if you use Help in Audacity and enter LAME in the search box.

The next step is to play, explore, and experiment and see what you can make Audacity do.

The commands Select, Cut, Copy, and Paste all work as you'd expect on highlighted chunks from the signal display line.

And do remember that there's a Help Menu just sitting there.

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