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Tessellate the Triominoes

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

We received solutions to this problem from Nisarg, Kim and Grace. (Grace goes to Stradbroke Primary School.) Kim said:

I knew I could tessellate the first box because the number of squares in it were divisible by three. I divided by three because the triomino was made of three boxes.
I knew I could not tessellate the second box because it was not divisible by three.

Here is a picture of the solution (you can still see how it is made, even though the "well done" message covers some of it up!):


Nisarg wrote a similar explanation about why you could fit the trionimoes into the first box but not the second.

Is it only about the number of squares in the box being a multiple of $3$?

Could you fit the trionimoes into the box below?

6 by 1 rectangular grid