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Path to Where?

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

Many of you sent in solutions to this problem and some of you were very creative! Remember that the paths were drawn looking from above, not the side, so the second one is not stairs.

Isabelle, aged 10, suggests:

The first walk is straight. I think this could follow a pavement alongside a straight road. This might be someone walking from their house in town along the pavement to a shop.
The second walk has lots of right angle turns. This could be different road junctions. I think this is a journey in a housing estate to see a friend.
The last journey is very curvy. I think this is likely to be a journey off the road, along a beach following the coast line.

Henry from Cardiff High School had some different ideas, but just as good:

I think that path number one, you must have walked in a straight line because you were in a narrow corridor or in a narrow area or you must have been in a very straight line waiting for something like a film or something like that.
I think that path number two was crooked because either you must have walked down a crooked path or you were lining up for something e.g. if you were lining up for a fair ground ride and the path was crooked then your path would be like this.
I think that path number three was all over the place because you must have walked through a muddy place or a field with dung all over it and you were trying to avoid the horrible bits.

Will from Shrewsbury House School suggests:

1. You are going on a straight path, maybe down a Roman Road?
2. You take many right angled turns, maybe in a city?
3. Maybe in undergrowth with no particular path?

I'm sure you can invent more of your own, but thank you again to those who did send in descriptions.