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Pick two rods of different colours. Given an unlimited supply of rods of each of the two colours, how can we work out what fraction the shorter rod is of the longer one?

Cuisenaire Environment

An environment which simulates working with Cuisenaire rods.

Train Tactics

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

We received the following email in response to this game:

We are pupils from Hazelmere Junior School and this morning we've been looking at the 'Train Tactics' problem.

Here are our thoughts:

We think that it is best to go second because you are able to see the first person's moves.

We aimed to use smaller blocks so that it wasn't possible for the other player to win in the next go. We didn't want to leave less than the length of an orange block because then it was always possible for the opponent to win.

The longer the train, the more challenging it was to predict our opponent's next moves.

Thank you for those thoughts.