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Mo has gone home now, but she left her pouch of marbles with Meg.

Meg has hung Mo's pouch at a fixed point on the right of the balance, and is experimenting with her pouch of marbles on the left.

Meg has discovered that if she puts 8 marbles in her pouch when it is 100cm from the centre, then it balances with Mo's pouch.
Use the interactivity to explore this further.

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Fill in the table below to show how she can make it balance with different distances and different numbers of marbles.

Distance from
the centre
Number of
100cm 8

Explore this further.

Without using the interactivity, can you now work out how Meg would need to alter her pouch to balance it with Mo's?

Distance from
the centre
Number of
x cm

Try to explain how you worked it out.