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Here are two discs. Each disc is red on one side and green on the other.

You win if both discs show the same colour.

Complete one throw. Did you win?
Complete several throws and look at your results.

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Approximately how often do you think you would win if you completed $100$ throws?
Make a prediction and then check it by doing the experiment.

You should have won approximately half of the time. Can you explain why?

Now change the number of discs to $3$.
You win if all the discs show the same colour.

What is the probability of winning this time? Can you explain why?

What is the probability of winning with $4$ discs? Can you explain why?

Repeat for $5$ discs.

Do you notice a pattern in your results? Can you explain it?

Can you explain how to find the probability of winning for $n$ discs?