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More Tiling Designs

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Beginners to LOGO programming may want to start by working through the FIRST FORWARD series of introductory articles before tackling this problem.


From the same London tiling shop as last month - more of the spectacular designs that people have chosen when tiling their kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or wherever!


(Sadly because of construction work on the new channel terminal this tile shop is now no more!)

Three more designs - which I invite you to reproduce using (elegant) LOGO procedures.

Alternatively, you might like to experiment with the following:

REPEAT 4 [FD :S RT 90]

IF :S < :L [STOP]
SQ :S FD :S LT 45
PT :S/ SQRT (2) :L
PU RT 90
FD :S/SQRT (2)
PT :S/ SQRT (2) :L
BK :S/SQRT (2)
LT 45 PD BK :S

What is happening and what is its history?