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Beginners to LOGO programming may want to start by working through the FIRST FORWARD series of introductory articles before tackling this problem.



Going Loopy

Spiralling out of control! I should have known better. Merely mentioning the word spiral and suggestions and reminders abound. Below are some spirals done by pupils at a recent Masterclass at the University of Wales . Bangor.

In each case the 'unit' spiral has formed a closed LOOP.

The basic procedure used was:

IF :S > 40 [STOP]
FD :S  RT :A
SPIRAL :S + 5 :A

n.b. this will stop the spiral becoming too large.

You might like to replicate the spirals above by considering suitable values for the variables :S and :A and THEN repeating your procedure several times more!

Or better still you might like to design spirals and loops based on your own ideas!

Or you might like to investigate changes to the size of the angle in ...

FD :S  RT :A
SPIRAL :S + 1 :A + 5