World of Tan 27 - Sharing

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you might like to:
  • List all the different instances when you use fractions.
  • Think about how you met fractions in school and what you have been taught. What can you remember?
  • Convince someone that a quarter is bigger than a fifth. (hint: think of sweets)
  • Take a line make it half as big again. Draw a shape on dotty paper - now make that half as big again.
Parents you might like to:
  • Explain in what contexts you use fractions at work and in the home.
  • Investigate the fractional parts of a pound before the decimalisation of our currency in 1972.
  • Convince someone a quarter is bigger than a fifth.
  • Investigate the idea of ratio when mixing water and squash or when sharing out meals/ sweets etc.
  • Explore the use of fractions within the context of time.
Teachers you might like to:
  • Explore the Tangram to explain and illustrate the 'sixteenths' family of fractions.
  • Consider the differing ways of re' presenting fractional quantities.
  • Explain why "we turn one fraction upside down and multiply out"
  • Investigate mixing liquids/ sharing sweets in differing ratios.
  • Develop the vocabulary of fractions and illustrate the different members of the fraction family - vulgar fractions, improper fractions, decimal fractions, etc.
  • Halve a square in as many different ways as possible.