World of Tan 23 - Transform This...into...that

Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you might like to:
  • List some of the transformations that take place as you get ready for school.
  • Sort these transformations into different categories of change.
  • Find different words that mean the same as transform or transformation.
  • Discuss things that transform more than once - going from one state to another then another...then another. What is the most transformations you can think of?
Parents you might like to...
  • Talk through the idea of things that change gradually/ quickly.
  • Work through some examples of a physical transformation e.g. tidying up iii. Consider things that change with time. With heat? Things that chemically change.
  • Investigate those things that DO NOT change.
  • Explore other words that mean transformation.
Teachers you might like to...
  • Consider some of the (many) different mathematical transformations -e.g. reflections, rotations,.....multiplying by three and adding one, squaring,...
  • Illustrate the idea of transformation using Lewis Carroll's idea of "Doublets", whereby one word is gradually changed into another word by altering one letter at a time...e.g. pig, wig, wag, way, say, sty.
  • Discuss and classify the different types of transformations that we can have.
  • Consider multiple transformations.
  • List and develop the different words associated with transformations.
  • In the above - look for aspects that do NOT change within the transformation.