World of Tan 12 - All in a Fluff

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you might like to:
  • investigate which different types of rabbits there are;
  • survey your friends about the pets they have - find ways of showing this information;
  • If the rabbits caught are housed in hutches holding eight of them then 4 rabbits will be left out; while if the rabbits are housed in hutches holding five of them then only 3 go are left out. How many rabbits are there?
  • What is the best way to house all rabbits?
Parents you might like to:
  • talk through the trials and tribulations of keeping pets
  • list the different types of animals, what their young are called and what they usually live in - e.g. fowl, chicken, coop
  • find out all you can about the year of the rabbit
  • seek out March Hare, White Rabbit and other creatures from Wonderland
Teachers you might like to:
  • introduce the Fibonacci sequence through the legend of rabbit keeping;
  • explore the myth surrounding rabbits and good luck/ good fortune; .
  • consider the role of the rabbit in literature and song
  • investigate the different designs suitable for a hutch
  • construct different curves of pursuit as the proverbial dog chases the rabbit. [Try varying the speed of each animal]