World of Tan 11 - the Past, Present and Future

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you might like to:
  • find different ways of writing 07:30 s
  • how in three distinct ways the things you take to school everyday/ occasionally
  • write about what you would like to do at school this year.

Parents you might like to:
  • examine other aspects of a youngster's day with regard to the 24 hour clock
  • get the children to 'close their eyes and imagine the journey to school', with you questioning them about what they pass, what they see, who they recognise.
  • make up strange words, like 'stupendous' that could be used for ... lots of, a small amount of, a long time and a very dull day.
  • talk through the summer vacation and list all the things that have been done. You never know Miss Chow King may be their new teacher!

Teachers you might like to:
  • build on the root words microscope/ telescope and investigate the issue of enlargement and scale factors - making things larger and smaller examine different types of time pieces used through history
  • get the children to estimate a passage of time - 3 minutes say and see how accurate/ inaccurate they have been. How can you represent these trials?
  • build upon words like 'cough up' and sewn up'. What other words do the children know and what do they understand by them?