World of Tan 6 - Junk

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Pupils: You may like to
  • complete the silhouette of the junk they are about to sail in.
  • investigate, using Polydron or something similar, what solids will stack construct the highest tower you can using multilink with a base of one cube then try two cubes, three....
  • estimate then work out how many pennies would be needed to make a tower one metre high. How costly will it be?

Parents: You may like to:
  • investigate the names and their origins of local Chinese and Cantonese restaurants and Take Aways found within your locality.
  • explain the difference between Chinese and Cantonese establishments.
  • discuss the sort of items found in Oriental restaurants or Take Aways.
  • discuss the sort of containers used for packaging food, then have a purposeful look around the local supermarket at which packages are used and which stack best.

Teachers: You may like to:
  • bring together a collection of containers and packets used in the home and investigate the different ways these can be sorted and ordered.
  • consider the meaning and derivation of the terms 'lock, stock and barrel' and 'butter fingers'. Are there other similar sayings that we use?
  • investigate which solids (apart from cubes) will stack?
  • design a container, with the smallest surface area, that will hold exactly 1 kilo of rice.