Kickstart on the Core Elements - Trondheim 2019


These presentations follow on from Charlie's presentation at the 2018 November Conference

MatteLIST Mathematical activities with challenges that suit everyone!


Mathematical Reasoning, Justification and Proof

Not just for the older students

Tapping into students' curiosity
The Number Jumbler followed by 
Always a Multiple? 

Assuming students can/will think
Mixing Lemonade > Limonade i glasset

Requiring students to think strategically
Missing Multipliers

Collaborating - convincing yourself, convincing a friend, convincing others...

Requiring students to step back
Make 37 or What Numbers Can We Make? > Hvilke tall kan vi lage?

Building on previous ideas - Low threshold, high ceiling tasks
Take Three from Five > Velg tre av fem tall 

Requiring awareness
Route to Infinity

Encouraging students to test ideas
Odds and Evens

Celebrating multiple strategies
What's it Worth? and Fruity Totals

Building on conjectures
Summing Consecutive Numbers > Summer av påfølgende tall 

Offering support but still expecting students to think
Kite in a Square

Elegant proofs
Geoboard > Vinkler i sirkler

Homework ...

Marbles in a BoxTre på rad i en boks

Mathematics is not a spectator sport

Magic Vs and Magic Letters > Magiske bokstaver

Strike it outStryk ut tall 

Got It > Først til ...

Add to 200Legg sammen til 200 

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"A tiny act is worth a million thoughts" (Ai Wei Wei).