The Roadshow's Impact on Learning


The tasks had starting points that allowed all students to begin. Some challenges pushed our most able but it was also fantastic to see the communication and resilience of particular students which hadn’t been seen before!
Ralph Thoresby School (2018)
[The Roadshow] was a well-structured and imaginative set of activities which allowed pupils time to develop their thinking and communication skills. The introduction was cleverly pitched to provide a clear example of how resilience, perseverance and communication are important when faced with unfamiliar mathematical tasks.
Ms Chua, Head of Upper School Maths (2019)

The resources and delivery of the Roadshow have been designed to develop the mathematical habits of mind. We focus in particular on students' resilience, communication and creativity.

As well as demonstrating these skills in their session students can take their increased confidence and resilience back into the classroom. This can impact their learning across all subjects, not just in maths.






Impact on Students' Engagement with Mathematics


The children were thoroughly engaged with all the activities and the presenter was excellent! The children feel more empowered to solve mathematical problems and are beginning to believe more in their own capabilities. Thank you!"
Menorah Foundation School (2019)
[The Roadshow] was a great success and we have received wonderful feedback from the boys involved, with many of them recreating some of the problems at home to share with their families."
Rachel Osbourne, Bedford Prep School (2019)

The pedagogical essence of the Roadshow is a sense of involvement in maths for its own sake. Whilst the activities help pupils to practise the skills mentioned above they also impact attitudes towards maths and are particularly effective at engaging students who have found themselves disenchanted with maths.

A free and playful environment is created through being outside of the classroom and using hands-on activities.






The Roadshow Coordinator


The delivery of a Roadshow session is key to its success. Our Roadshow Coordinator, Andrew Sharpe, is an experienced mathematics teacher who taught in secondary and all-through schools, both in the UK and internationally, before joining the NRICH team.

Andrew is passionate about mathematics, education and creativity and as well as his role with NRICH he comminicates maths through associate work with Maths Inspiration, the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and Stand Up Maths. He also runs his own problem solving website called Puzzle of the Week.



Professional Development


We used [the Roadshow] as an opportunity for staff to engage in CPD and so paired teachers up to attend the sessions. The impact of this on staff teaching will be long term and sustained.
Samuel Ward Academy (2017)
The Roadshow was incredible! All of the children loved their activities and the teachers and TAs were inspired. The whole school has been raving about it.
Lakenham Primary School (2017)
As maths lead I will use the activities and format for staff CPD as well as a parents event.

Timothy Hackworth Primary School (2019)

Observing the Roadshow is an excellent professional development opportunity for teachers and TAs for several reasons.

  • To see some of NRICH's highest quality resources in action.
  • To observe our coordinator's expert delivery and have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions.
  • To see students solving problems in a freer, more creative environment than can often be allowed in class.

As such, we highly encourage you to have as many staff as possible visit the Roadshow on the day for their own professional development.