Nigel's Numberless World

Age 5 to 7

Nigel's Numberless World by Lucy Coates and Neal Layton

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
ISBN: 9780751372281

Nigel doesn't like numbers. Then he gets a magic watch for his birthday, which makes all the numbers in the world disappear. Nigel is very pleased about this at first, but he soon realises how helpful numbers can be.

This book links number calculations to a variety of real-life situations, including paying in a shop, baking a cake, measuring the size of our feet and counting football goals. There is also a discussion of how house numbers are useful if you'd like your birthday presents to arrive at the correct house! This story could be used to start a discussion about the different types of numbers we see around us every day. It could also be used as an introduction to a variety of different real-life maths topics.