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Number of players:

1 if using the interactive board
2 or more if you print a copy of the game board.
You can download a gameboard to print out here.

The Goal:

To round up as many of the counters as possible

Materials needed:

The interactive game board if playing alone.
If playing with friends you will need:
32 coloured counters
Printed copy of the game board.

How to play: (2 player)

  1. Use coloured counters to cover all of the circles on the game board except for the one in the centre.
  2. Decide who will go first.
  3. Take turns in jumping over one counter a time and into an empty space.
  4. You must follow the lines that are on the board.
  5. Round up the counters that you jump over.
  6. You can continue jumping over counters as long as there is an empty space for you to land on.
  7. The game ends when all of the counters are rounded up or when no more moves are possible.
  8. The person who has rounded up the most counters is the winner.

How to play: (1 player)

  1. Drag the blue counter so it hops over another counter into an empty space.
  2. Can you clear the board, leaving just one counter?
  3. Can you leave just the centre counter?

Printable NRICH Roadshow resource.