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Jumping Reindeer

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:
Grace from Park Street Primary in Cambridge found a solution for this challenge. 

It involves numbering the thirteen spaces on the board:

Top Row: 1,2,3
Second Row 4,5
Third Row 6,7,8
Fourth Row 9,10
Fifth Row 11,12,13

The moves show which counters hop into which spaces:

Move 1) 3 to 7
Move 2) 9 to 5
Move 3) 1 to 3
Move 4) 3 to 7
Move 5) 11 to 1
Move 6) 8 to 6
Move 7) 1 to 11
Move 8) 13 to 7
Move 9) 11 to 13
Move 10) 4 to 10
Move 11) 13 to 7

The solution leaves one space in the middle of the board.

Well done Grace!  I wonder how you came to this solution?